Kate Middleton may have revealed who among her three children is her favorite. For Mother's Day, the Duchess of Cambridge shared a photo of her family as they played outdoors but it was Princess Charlotte's image which was pretty clear.

Prince William's wife posted a series of photos for Mother's Day. She included her own mother, Carole Middleton, and the mother-in-law she never met, Princess Diana. She also had a photo of Prince George's Mother's Day card but royal fans were fixated on the lovely picture she shared of herself and Princess Charlotte. 

According to Daily Express, the decision to include the photo of Princess Charlotte piggyback riding on her mother indicated that perhaps the four-year-old is her mom's favorite. In the background was Prince William and Prince George but their images were barely visible.  

In February, Kate also shared a photo or Princess Charlotte for her interview with the podcast Happy Mum Happy Baby. The adorable four-year-old was crouched down to smell a bluebell flower as her mother took the photo. 

Kate also shared an anecdote of Charlotte asking why her mother cannot go on a school run. At which point, the Duchess of Cambridge said that she also feels mommy guilt just like other mothers who have to juggle their work and their home life. 

She said that she still feels torn at times between her duties as a working royal and her dedication as a hands-on mother. Kate has help from her long-time nanny, Maria Turrion Borrallo, but there are still challenges to raising children because she wants to do a good job of it. 

The Duchess of Cambridge admitted she has moments where she questions her decisions and judgments as a mom. Like all parents, she and Prince William had to carefully learn the ropes as well. 

Meanwhile, Kate revealed that Princess Charlotte has quite the nimble feet. During a trip to Ireland, the Duchess of Cambridge shared an anecdote about her four-year-old daughter after talking with a young girl from the crowd.

She asked the girl if she likes to dance because Princess Charlotte apparently does and she is taking ballet lessons. The proud royal mom is not the only one gushing about Charlotte as Prince William was heard describing her daughter as an enthusiastic gymnast. 

Princess Charlotte was born on May 2, 2015. She is currently a reception student at Thomas's Battersea and will soon be in in the first grade.