There are fears that Prince Charles can turn into a super-spreader after he tested positive of the new coronavirus. An Australian commentator warned that the Prince of Wales could spread the virus unintentionally if he continued attending different events despite the warnings about the deadly disease. There are also fears if he could have infected his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

The Duke of Cornwall tested positive for Covid-19 after he and his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, went to isolation in Scotland to avoid the virus. This move seemed to be of no avail as Clarence House announced that Prince William and Prince Harry's father showed mild symptoms of the illness.

Australian commentator Caleb Bond warned Prince Charles could have been a super-spreader had he continued attending big gatherings as a part of his duty as a member of the royal family. "They can become super-spreaders, which is unfortunate but that's just the nature of these diseases, something we cannot get around," he said on Sky News Australia, as noted by Express.

However, royal fans don't have to worry as Bond believes the future king is not going to "drop off the perch" because of the coronavirus. As the heir to the throne, he will surely get the best treatment there is.

But, there are fears that Prince Charles may have infected his mother, Queen Elizabeth, after they last met on March 12. Fortunately, according to The Daily Beast, medical experts believe the earliest time that he started to have the disease was on March 13. Her Majesty is now in self-isolation with Prince Philip at Windsor Castle, and there is no news yet if she, too, will be tested.

Anyhow, as someone like Prince Charles contracted the disease, it only shows that the coronavirus can hit anyone from any country. This, too, only proves that the imposed social distancing must be strictly followed and imposed to avoid the spread of the virus.

Clarence House assured that Princess Diana's former husband remains in good health despite the diagnosis. In fact, he is still continuously working from Balmoral after starting his 14-day self-isolation period. He is alongside Camilla, who tested negative of the virus.

NHS in Aberdeenshire carried out the tests for Prince Charles and Camilla, and they both met the criteria required to undergo the testing. However, it remains to be seen where he contracted the virus, although there were assumptions that he was at high risk after attending a dinner with Prince Albert of Monaco, who also tested positive of coronavirus.