It's no secret that Soobin of Tomorrow X Together isn't fond of math. After all, the TXT leader had previously stated that it isn't his favorite subject and that learning formulas isn't exactly important in life. However, it looks like Choi Soobin has changed his mind about math. It has just been revealed that he has been helping fellow TXT member Hueningkai in solving a difficult math problem.

Soobin has hilariously pointed out that math isn't that important. In one particular VLive, the Tomorrow X Together leader famously stated that there is no need to learn math since we all have a calculator. Needless to say, fans agreed with Choi Soobin but it looks like he is still proving that it is important to learn math if you are a student. In a new video posted by the official TXT YouTube channel, it was revealed that Soobin has actually been tutoring Hueningkai in math.

The latest T: Time clip features the Tomorrow X Together members taking a break in between shooting for the music video of 'Magic Island'. While the others are simply relaxing during their break, it shows that Hueningkai is still hard at work on some school assignments. Interestingly, it looks like the youngest TXT member is struggling with a particular math problem. Luckily, he is able to get some help from one of his hyungs.

At one point, Hueningkai says that he enjoys solving math problems since it feels good to be able to solve something. On the other hand, there is one particular problem that he is struggling with. Jung Kai then turns to Soobin and pretends to cry. Although Choi Soobin is initially unmoved, he then cries with his dongsaeng and turns his attention to the youngest Tomorrow X Together member.

Interestingly, Soobin revealed that he has tutored Hueningkai at home. In addition to that, the TXT leader stated that he is good at math and offers to help his dongsaeng with his assignment. At first, it seems like Choi Soobin is flustered with the math problem. He even tells Hueningkai to be quiet so he can concentrate on finding the right answer.

Amazingly, it took a long time before Soobin could solve the math problem but he refused to quit. Later in the video, Choi Soobin continued working on the equation even after TXT had taken a break and were already working on a different scene in their music video. Luckily, the Tomorrow X Together leader was ultimately able to solve the problem and even showed Hueningkai how he solved it.