Katie Holmes has been, reportedly, regretting seeking a divorce from Tom Cruise now that she is experiencing financial trouble due to the coronavirus pandemic. The actress is, allegedly, in big trouble as she desperately looks for ways on how to land a job at this time. 

In Touch published a story this week with a headline "Katie's HUMILIATING GIG?" on its cover along with other A-list stars like Bradley Cooper and Julia Roberts who, allegedly, are in the same situation as Holmes. A source of the tabloid claimed Holmes is in near-financial ruin because of her divorce from Cruise. 

The Dawson Creek's actress is, reportedly, not bringing in a steady flow of cash right now, like other stars, because of the pandemic. The source added it wouldn't be surprising if after the global health crisis, many celebrities including Holmes, would be forced to slash their talent fee in half just to have a job and get back on their feet again. 

The tabloid linked this alleged financial trouble of Katie to her divorce from the Mission: Impossible actor. The insider claimed the Batman Begins actress walked away from Tom without securing a hefty financial settlement. 

Gossip Cop reached out to Holmes' spokesperson, who denied the claims. Katie's camp denied that she is running out of cash and she might accept gigs in the future even if it pays less. 

It is worthy to note that Katie Holmes caught Tom Cruise off guard when she filed for divorce. Their split may be one of the quickest celebrity divorce negotiations in history. However, it doesn't mean that it was a sudden move for the actress and she now regrets her decision to walk away from Cruise with Suri. 

Claims that Holmes regretted her divorce because she is now in financial trouble doesn't seem right. The actress' main reason for filing for divorce was her daughter. She has full custody of Suri and reports have it that one of the agreements outlined in the settlement was that Suri would have no relationship with Cruise's Church of Scientology.

As for how much Katie received as settlement, there have been reports that the ex-couple settled for $4.8 million for child support. In addition, Holmes also, reportedly, received $5 million for her. 

Gossip Cop also noted that In Touch has been publishing false stories about Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's relationship in the past months. Back in November, it claimed that Cruise was leaving Scientology after seeing a picture of Suri and learning that Katie had broken up with Jamie Foxx. 

In September, it published a story claiming a tell-all interview with the Top Gun actor where he, allegedly, opened up about Scientology, his divorce, and why he hasn't seen his daughter for several years. Holmes' spokesperson stressed that Cruise remained estranged from Suri and it was not true that the actor and Holmes were getting back together.