Prince William and Prince Harry are royal-born Princes. While they grew up following several royal rules and protocols, they, reportedly, shared similar traits that most children possessed. As revealed, they were not fans of eating vegetables, like broccoli.

But, the royal Princes' nanny and chef practiced a hack that seemingly forced them to love their greens. This trick was recently revealed by their personal chef, Darren McGrady.

According to Hello!, the former royal chef discussed some details about the Dukes of Cambridge and Sussex's childhood in terms of their eating habits. In his own YouTube channel, he published a video teaching his subscribers the recipe for crispy chicken, alongside a bowl of mac & cheese, which are, reportedly, Prince William and Prince Harry's favorite meals growing up.

As he proceeds with the step-by-step process of making the dishes, he shared that he and the royals' nanny used to do a trick that will help the two princes with their greens, especially broccoli. So, while they eat their favorite chickens and mac & cheese, they also get to eat vegetables.

He shared that the nanny always instructed Princess Diana's sons to eat first their broccoli before eating chicken. In every piece of chicken, they should first get a piece of their greens.

Considering that, as kids, Prince William and Prince Harry, reportedly, had "big appetites," they would finish three to four pieces of chickens. By that time, the royal chef said that they would already finish their greens.

He further continued that there was even a time when the nanny told him to ensure that the broccoli would be cut in a bigger bunch the next time. So, it has appeared that the trick was very effective.

Darren McGrady was a personal chef, not only to Princess Diana, Prince Harry, and Prince William, according to Express UK. As reported, he primarily worked for Queen Elizabeth II before working for the Wales household.

He, reportedly, shared some of the royals' favorite meals. In the case of the British Monarch, he revealed that the Queen is "quite frugal" with the foods that she eats.

The former royal chef then asserted that she only eats what was in season. This is probably the reason why she has always maintained a healthy condition, he added.

But, when it comes to sweets, especially chocolates, Prince William and Prince Harry's grandmother is, reportedly, "picky." She does not prefer milk or white chocolates, the chef said.

He then added that the darker the chocolate, the better since Queen Elizabeth II loves them. Bendicks Bittermints is her "favorite for snacking," he concluded.