Donald Trump has shocked a lot of people when he revealed that he never once had an alcoholic drink. While his image does not reportedly manifest it, the US President has always been "against" alcohol.

Since his emergence in politics, he has been very "vocal" about his sobriety. As stated, he even went on to tell reporters that when someone's looking for "something" about him, he always responds that he "never had a glass of alcohol." This seemingly tells everyone that they cannot find "anything" about him as he has always been "in control," according to South China Morning Post.

The Are of the Deal co-author, Tony Schwartz reportedly shared that Donald Trump is likely avoiding alcohol because he never wants to be "out of control." This might make him feel "weak" and "vulnerable," especially if there are risks, he added.

Although this is a plausible reason behind, other reports have another view about Trump's sobriety. As per Cheat Sheet, the US President's dislike for drinking, as well as cigarettes and drugs, is related to his family, especially his brother, Fred.

In the reports, it was revealed that his brother, Fred Trump, Jr. died of alcoholism at the age of 42. While this has remained unconfirmed, Donald Trump reportedly talks of his brother's death in relation to alcohol addiction.

He also reportedly shared that Fred used to warn him about the matter. He said that his brother would always tell him "not to drink."

The publication, however, noted that the incumbent President used to "compete" with his late brother for their father's love and attention. But, even so, the American leader previously said that his brother's death is one of the "saddest moments" of his life.

This is also likely the reason why he "allegedly ordered" his children to stay away from drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes, as well as drugs. While Ivanka Trump has appeared to heed her father's advice and "order," the same could not reportedly be said about her siblings, especially Eric Trump. As pointed out, he owns the family's winery business and "acts" as its president.

The same report also noted that Donald Trump is likely the "first sober" US President, notably in modern times. Some of the previous US leaders who are into "heavy boozing" are George W. Bush, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Lyndon B. Johnson. But, among all, it was Richard Nixon who was deemed to be the "largest drinker of the bunch."