There is little doubt that fans are always trying to find new ways to catch their idol's attention. Luckily, this is much easier now that social media and messaging applications are now available. But how can you get a member of GOT7 to laugh? JB was recently entertained by Ahgases who suggested that he should listen to some hilarious remixes featuring his tagline "ho ho cham."

JB has recently been doing a lot of voice only V Lives where he answers fan questions and generally talks about anything that comes to mind. The GOT7 leader also tends to say "ho ho cham" a lot when reacting to some Ahgases' comments. At one point, someone even pointed out that Im Jaebeom said "ho ho cham" over a hundred times during one V Live broadcast alone. Needless to say, it has turned into the lead vocalist's tagline that is easily recognized by his fans.

But what does "ho ho cham" mean? It is basically the laughing sound in Korean (호호) along with the word "참" (cham) which has several translations but in JB's case, it appears to mean "truly" or "really." With that in mind, Im Jaebeom's tagline is essentially just him saying that something is truly funny. Not surprisingly, this fits perfectly with the GOT7 member's reaction to all the "ho ho cham" remixes he listened to, as recommended by his fans.

JB recently went on V Live yet again to interact with Ahgases and at one point, he was informed that there are several "ho ho cham" remixes that are currently making the rounds all over the internet. In the broadcast, the curious Im Jaebeom decided to check on it and was astounded that fans have came up with a way to insert his tagline into songs like GOT7's own 'Not By The Moon' as well as Megan Thee Stallion's 'Savage'. Interestingly, the vocalist listened to a few and couldn't help but laugh whenever he heard his own voice.

It's awesome to see that JB has a sense of humor and is impressed with his fans' own creativity. Of course, it is Im Jaebeom himself who has also inspired Ahgases to do something creative and hilarious at the same time. Needless to say, fans are looking forward to the GOT7 leader's future V Live broadcasts where he could continue saying "ho ho cham" and possibly coin new catchphrases Ahgases can have fun with.