Growing up, Prince William and Prince Harry were very close to each other. Alongside their late mother, Princess Diana, they, reportedly, love to pull pranks on everyone.

While many did enjoy and "laugh" on their practical jokes, this did not, reportedly, include Prince Charles. As revealed, he got mad, once, when the young Wales princes made a joke on him inside his office at Kensington Palace, according to the Daily Express.

The late Princess Diana's personal trainer, Carolan Brown, reportedly, shared that there was an incident in the past when Prince William and Prince Harry set off a "stink bomb" inside their father's office. This happened after their mother took them to a "joke shop," she explained.

She revealed that the two young princes let one "bomb" off in the hall and another in Prince Charles' office. Although their mother "laughed" about it, their father "went absolutely mad," she said.

It was not revealed, though, whether the royal siblings' practical jokes toward their father continued, later on. But, the former royal aid recalled that the future King's sons love doing pranks, especially the Wales' first-born.

Princess Diana's former "healer," Simone Simmons, also recalled an incident when Prince William pulled a telephone prank on her. She said he called her on the phone, mimicking his father's voice. He pretended to be Prince Charles and asked about his "wife Diana," she said.

She, reportedly, remembered that moment and laughed about it amid the call. She then said that the Duke of Cambridge was only 13 or 14 at that time.

The sources, reportedly, continued to assert that Prince William's humor seemed to be in line with her mother's. Meanwhile, Prince Harry's "hot-headedness" was the more apparent trait that he shared with Princess Diana, as per claims.

Darren McGrady, the family's former royal chef, maintained this claim. He, reportedly, said that Princess Diana used to say that her youngest is a "hothead, like me." On the other hand, her firstborn is "deep" and "stubborn" like his father.

In a similar report released by Her, the publication said that Prince William and Prince Harry seemingly retained their love for pranks and practical jokes even in recent years. As revealed, the Duke of Cambridge played a prank on his brother during his wedding to Meghan Markle in 2018.

Weeks before the royal event, Prince Harry, reportedly, fell off a ladder as he was trying to change a lightbulb. So, his brother was said to have deemed it a good opportunity and tied the same ladder at the back of their wedding car.