Just a year after Princess Diana married Prince Charles, they welcomed their firstborn son, Prince William. Prince Harry's birth followed two years later.

Since then, the family of four always attended several engagements and appearances together. Several photos even showed how close the two royal-born Princes with each other, as well as to their mother.

While the relationship between the Princess and her sons was largely pleasant, several reports said that the late royal had "regrets" about it. As stated, having two sons was "not enough" for Princess Diana, former royal aide, Paul Burrell told Closer Weekly.

The former royal aide has, reportedly, echoed these assertions in various instances. But, the most recent one was during his appearance o\in the documentary, The Diana Story on Amazone Prime.

He, reportedly, asserted that the late Princess always wanted to have more kids. Aside from having more, he also went on to reveal that the Princess wanted a daughter. It "would have made everything" for Princess Diana, the former royal aide added.

Alongside the Princess of Wales, her husband, Prince Charles also, reportedly, wanted to have a daughter. This was revealed, later on, when the late royal's "secret tapes" went public, as per claims.

As reported, the Princess then knew Prince Harry's gender before anyone else as she saw it on the scan. She did not, reportedly, disclose it to her husband as he desired to have a daughter.

In continuing the discussion about Princess Diana's wants to have a daughter, as well as her tragic death, Paul Burrell also mentioned that the Princess of Wales was "robbed" the chance and opportunity to love her grandchildren, particularly, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. He also noted that she would have loved Kate Middleton, too, as her daughter-in-law.

Amid the speculations over the Wales couple's desire to have a daughter then, Cheat Sheet reported that there was a huge "conspiracy theory" in previous years that Princess Diana had a "secret daughter." As explained, Sarah, who claimed to be the daughter of the late royal, went in public to share her story.

It is said that Princess Diana did a few "fertility tests" before marrying into the British Royal Family to ensure that she could produce an heir for Prince Charles. The tabloids then, reportedly, went on to claim that a doctor, allegedly, kept her eggs and implanted it in his wife. This, reportedly, produced Sarah afterward.

While the claims became very famous in previous years, this has been, reportedly, regarded as "nothing but, a gossip."