Prince William and Prince Harry grew up having a close and tight relationship. Even when Kate Middleton arrived in the royal picture, the royal siblings remained close to each other. In fact, the Duke of Sussex even, reportedly, established a very close tie with his sister-in-law.

However, the whole dynamic seemingly changed in recent years. Although no confirmations have been made, several reports of rifts and feuds have, reportedly, damaged the close ties between the two royal-born Princes. Things further went down south when the Sussex couple announced their shocking decision to quit the royal life.

On March 31, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle officially stepped down as senior members of the British Royal Family. Shortly after finishing the final set of royal engagements, they flew to the United States and have since relocated to the Duchess of Sussex's hometown, Los Angeles.

The couple's move to the United States sparked a lot of allegations and speculations. But, the most recent one was the notion that Prince Harry is now living Prince William's "lifelong dream" to live in the US, according to Cheat Sheet.

As stated, the future King of the United Kingdom has not always embraced the royal life. The Daily Mirror previously released a report claiming that the Duke of Cambridge does not want to become King in the future.

Journalist Jeremy Paxman, reportedly, "recalled" that the late Princess Diana told him of it before. He said that the mother of two learned then that Prince William did not want to be head of the British Monarchy, and Prince Harry would often respond by stating that he would have it, instead.

Other sources also, reportedly, shared that Prince William has always wanted to live and spend some time in the United States. Royal reporter Louisa Pearson claimed that the young Prince previously planned to fly to the US, particularly after his graduation at the University of St Andrews, as per the Daily Express.

It is also, reportedly, added that the Duke "announced" his "lifelong dream," which even included the "possibility of a postgraduate degree" in the country. However, he never got the chance and opportunity since he went to Sandhurst Military Academy shortly after his graduation.

Considering now that Prince Harry is in the United States, reports have concluded that he is now living his brother's dream. Despite the claims that he has been finding the new life outside the British Monarchy quite "difficult," some sources asserted that he is enjoying the new chapter of his life, alongside his wife and son, Meghan Markle and Archie Harrison.

It is worth, noting, however, that no confirmations have been made about the matter. So, in the end, it cannot be said that Prince William is, indeed, jealous, of his brother.