Kate Middleton and Prince William just recently celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary. Since their wedding day, they have become one of the most popular royal couples.

Over the years, they have obtained the support and following of the public. With their "unwavering" dedication and commitment to the British Monarchy, it is not surprising why royal fans and supporters truly admire them.

Aside from their posts as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, as well as the future King and Queen Consort, their relationship is also, reportedly, praised by many individuals. As stated, what they have is very "unlike" to what the other royal couples have today.

Several royal experts recently shared that Kate Middleton and Prince William were given the chance to "date" each other first prior to marriage, according to the Daily Express. This is why their relationship reportedly differs from most royal duos, like Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Speaking to Channel 5's documentary, William and Kate: Too Good To Be True, the royal commentator, reportedly, said that it is unlikely considering how most royal couples "had been pushed together" for marriage. This is what happened to Charles and Diana, the royal experts added.

It is explained that the Prince and Princess of Wales "barely" spent time together before their wedding. As a result, the marriage "turned into a disaster," one commented.

Another royal expert shared that Prince William and Kate Middleton were "allowed to grow" and "develop," which are things that no other royals had done in the past, Neil Sean said. This is, reportedly, why they have a strong foundation for their marriage and relationship.

In the case of the Duke of Cambridge's parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana met only 12 times before they decided to get married, according to Cheat Sheet. Although they first met years prior, these were the only times that they spent together before tying the knot.

The reports also noted that the Heir Apparent was "under pressure" to find a wife. Not to mention, royal experts, reportedly, believe that the late Princess made it known to her then-future husband that she was up for it to become his wife.

Unfortunately, things went down south for the Wales couple. They faced several scandals throughout their marriage until they ended up divorcing each other.

But, on Prince William and Kate Middleton's part, royal commentators and analysts are, reportedly, certain that the same would not happen to them.