Melania Trump and Donald Trump's relationship has always sparked a lot of controversies. Ever since their arrival to the White House, their marriage and ties to each other have become a topic of many reports and publications.

As speculated, their relationship is "complicated." Some even reportedly concluded that they are trapped in a loveless marriage, particularly empathizing with the First Lady's side.

But, aside from their relationship as husband and wife, their roles as parents have also become a popular topic among netizens. This even became much more apparent following the Father's Day holiday on Sunday.

For this year's celebration, Melania Trump shared a post on her social media accounts. She posted a photo of a yellow rose, which came with a caption greeting all fathers for the holiday.

The First Lady said that it was a day to "celebrate all fathers." She also mentioned the terms "love, dedication, and wisdom" in her Father's Day greeting.

Although it is entirely a pleasant social media post, it reportedly "backfired" since netizens slammed her in the comment section. The majority of the assertions centered on Donald Trump's role as a parent to his kids.

Some individuals called Melania Trump out for not "working on" her husband first as a father to their only son, Barron. Others also went on to criticize Donald Trump not only for his role as a parent but, for his character as a whole.

Netizens also noticed that the First Lady did not "tag" or mention the US President on her post. But, despite the overflowing criticisms, there are some who thanked her for the greetings.

In her defense, though, Melania reportedly shared her thoughts on her husband's role as a father. As stated, she has "no issue" on Donald Trump's parenting style.

The same is also said to be true on his first wife, Ivana Trump's part, according to Newsweek. As reported, they are "okay" with him not being a hands-on father.

On his children's end, it has also appeared that they have no problems, as well, with the way their father raised and treated them during their childhood years. In the words of Ivanka Trump, she and her siblings were always their father's "top priority."

However, she also reportedly said that being a child to Melania Trump's now-husband is the "toughest" and "hardest job" of all. In the end, though, "we always came first," the First Daughter said.