Apple launched this year the 2020 iPad Pro. The current generation premium tablet is equipped with a more powerful Apple A12Z chip and a LiDar scanner. A new report toys with the idea that the Cupertino company is using the LiDar sensor of the 2020 iPad Pro to lay the groundwork for the upcoming Apple Glass.

Wccftech recently reported that Apple is banking on the 2020 iPad Pro is doing all the groundwork for the augmented reality (AR) experience of the Apple Glass. The site based its assumption on the latest information shared by Apple insider Jon Prosser. In one of his tweets, the industry insider shared that the accumulation of data the LiDar sensor is not all for the iPad Pro.

Prosser claimed that these data are also sent to Apple Glass. If this claim is accurate, it is possible that the data is also utilized by Apple to push for some of the features of the rumored augmented reality spectacle allegedly called Apple Glass. Over the past months, industry insiders shared juicy information about the progress of the company for the upcoming AR glass.

Apple documents also reveal various ways the Cupertino company would like Apple Glass to arrive in the market. One of the recently published patents disclosed a feature that allows users to remove the arms of the augmented reality glasses. A few weeks earlier, another patent surfaced showing Apple's plan of integrating the LiDar sensor to introduce augmented reality in Apple Glass.

In 2019, tech enthusiasts predicted that AR glasses would be the next device that would replace smartphones in the future. Based on the leaks and tips from industry insiders, Apple is pushing for the release of its Augmented Reality glasses. It is believed that the Apple Glass would debut in 2021.

According to Wccftech, Apple might be making a serious push of augmented reality technology in its upcoming products. The publication believes that one of the best ways to collect data is to acquire it from the company's own products. While many think that LiDar was introduced to the iPad Pro to improve its photo quality, there might be other reasons behind it.

The publication speculates on the possibility that Apple introduced the LiDar scanner and its augmented reality capabilities on the 2020 iPad Pro so the technology could be useful in some of its products. It is worth mentioning that the information shared by the tipster is not yet official. In this case, it is smarter to take it with a pinch of salt.