Mary Jordan tried to expose Melania Trump's "little secrets" in her new book, The Art of Her Deal. The Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist revealed that the biography would discuss the First Lady's "little lies," revealing the truth behind her claims.

In an interview with Haaretz's Yossi Melman, the National Correspondent for the Washington Post revealed the lies Melania Trump claimed about herself. From her architectural degree to, allegedly, speaking five different languages, what is the truth behind the mysterious FLOTUS?

Jordan told Haaretz that the former model did not finish her degree in architecture. She, too, never received a huge salary as a model and could only speak Slovenian and English with a heavy accent and not five languages.

According to Mama Mia, there is only little evidence that she can speak five languages--French, Italian, German, Slovenian, and English. Being born and raised in her native Slovenia, it is no surprise that she can fluently speak her mother tongue.

Jordan even claimed that Melania Trump only talks to Barron Trump in Slovenian in private, as Donald Trump, reportedly, gets irritated hearing them speaking in a language that he cannot understand. As a lot of people find the 50-year-old personality's arrival in the United States also mysterious, the Trumps, reportedly, refused to give any documentation about her to the public.

The best-selling author revealed that no one from the people that she talked to, except her family, knew anything about her. They did not know what her life was before she met Donald Trump. By the looks of it, she managed to make her past simply disappear.

Jordan added that contrary to what people think, Donald and Melania Trump are "much more similar" to each other. They are, allegedly, both passionate creators of their own history.

The United States President refuses to reveal his tax returns, while his wife has successfully "compartmentalized" her past and never talked about it again. Despite that, she hates being seen as "weak and fragile."

In fact, she gets the credits for pushing her husband to run for the presidency. She, too, is said to be the influential advisor behind Donald Trump's back, choosing Mike Pence as his vice president. She is also the one who encouraged the former TV personality to give up his "zero tolerance" policy, which separated children from their parents at the Mexican border.

Jordan added that Melania Trump would grab every opportunity she could have and "put great effort into it" to make it work. She also learned that she has strengths that Donald Trump lacks, but she has shared many qualities that helped him won and took a seat at the White House.