WARNING: This article may contain spoilers for Stargirl episode 9. Read at your own risk.

Stargirl episode 9 is coming within a few weeks on the DC Universe, with the title "Brainwave." The title alone suggests that we're seeing another notable within this episode. We're also going to see Courtney's alter ego unexpectedly clashing with other JSA members.

According to the synopsis of Stargirl episode 9, Courtney suggests who she wants to recruit next in the JSA, but tensions rise among the team members. Although the titular character is on the road to discovery while saving Blue Valley, some of her actions have certain consequences.

Perhaps, this is we're going to see Henry King Jr., the son of an ISA member Henry King Sr. also known as Brainwave. Henry Jr. is a student at Blue Valley High School and a football player. He tried to figure out who he really after exhibiting his father's ability. In this episode, he discovers something about Henry Sr.

Henry Jr. also had a relationship with Yolanda and she believed they were serious. They enjoyed their time together and he even supported her during the campaign for student president. However, the two broke up after he showed revealing pictures of Yolanda to his friends. He then started dating Cindy.

As for what else is coming in Stargirl episode 7, Barbara will invite Jordan and his family for dinner. Barbara's fate is also one of the biggest concerns here, given that she thinks she involved in a normal and local community.

However, she has no idea how much danger she puts herself in, as well as how things are going to unfold eventually. A lot of secrets might be unraveled later on, with Jordan as Icicle likely trying to pull of something terrible before the season officially concludes.

Meanwhile, this episode airs after the two-part Shiv arc. In episode 8, we're going to see the continuation of the battle of Courtney against Cindy a.k.a. Shiv. There are a lot of things to deal with here, including how can Courtney hide her superhero alter ego from her family after everything that happened to her.

There's also a question as to who the mysterious janitor who seemingly saved Stargirl after her battle against Shiv. Some think that he's the DC character Shining Knight, though nothing is confirmed at the moment. This could be addressed in the series later on.

Stargirl episode 9 airs on Monday night, July 13, on the DC Universe.