Prince Charles and Princess Diana's marriage did not turn out to be the fairytale -- very far from what the public was expecting. It was not surprising though, considering all the controversies that their relationship sparked back in the day.

But, amid all the discussions then about the bad marriage, reports said that the Prince of Wales remained "significantly tight-lipped" about his thoughts and experiences. Unlike him, though, the Princess of Wales shared a lot of shocking revelations, especially after their separation.

Several reports followed after claiming that Princess Diana suffered from depression and even self-harm. Numerous accounts went viral with claims that the late Princess had mental instability, according to History.

Some of these materials, also, dwelled on her other mental issues. These, reportedly, included suicide attempts, eating disorders, acute anxiety, depression, and even self-mutilation.

More than a decade after the divorce and the Princess' death, however, revelations about Prince Charles' mental health during the marriage came into light. In 2007, per the Daily Express, the book titled Charles: The Man Who Will Be King claimed that the Prince of Wales was "suffering in silence, too."

As exposed, author Howard Hodgson asserted that the Prince Charles' life with his then-wife "was dismal." Aside from the problems he was having with Princess Diana, the Prime Minister, as well as the government, were not, reportedly, "receptive" to his ideas.

There were also his "courtiers," who allegedly cautioned him a lot of times against "upsetting" the Princess of Wales. Not to mention, the press "ridiculed" him for all these things.

The author continued to explore his relationship with his parents. As pointed out, Prince Charles had no close relationship with his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, and his father, Prince Philip was "unsympathetic."

Princess Diana also, reportedly, "banished" his friends, even his dog. As for his only sister, Princess Anne, she, allegedly, "drifted out" of his life, too.

Hodgson added that, in his situation back then, the Heir Apparent fell "deeper into depression." His moods reportedly "worsened" and became "increasingly temperamental."

Following this narrative, the author explained that his friends decided to put him in touch with his then girlfriend, Camilla Parker Bowles. As noted, they had not spoken for years after his marriage to the late Princess of Wales in 1981.

But, after getting back in touch with the now-Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Charles was, reportedly, able to confide in her. This, then, blossomed into their infamous relationship amid his marriage to his wife.

In the end, though, the romantic ties between his now-wife, reportedly, helped him to "bolster his confidence." Hodgson claimed this made him realize that he has a significant impact on others' lives.