Royal fans and experts seemingly saw Camilla Parker Bowles as one of the least favorite British Royals. She was also not very "popular" as opposed to the Queen and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

The "hatred" and dislike toward the Duchess of Cornwall, reportedly, started during the "Di years." As recalled, she was one of three persons in late Princess Diana's marriage.

At that time, her affair with Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, was one of the biggest controversies that the British Monarchy and Royal Family faced. Hence, it, reportedly, makes total sense why has since obtained a huge dislike from the public.

In recent years, however, the whole dynamic seemingly shifted in favor of Camilla Parker Bowles. From being the "most hated woman in Britain," she has now become a "favorite," according to the Daily Express.

Since the emergence of the pandemic crisis in the United Kingdom, only a few British Royals were given the opportunity to step up. With the Queen's and other senior royal's conditions, given that they belong to the most vulnerable groups of people, the much younger British Royals were the only ones who could continue working for the British Monarchy.

Despite her age, though, this did not stop Camilla Parker Bowles from stepping up. As stated, the Duchess of Cornwall has continued to participate in several royal engagements with the use of online platforms.

She has remotely offered "comfort" and "laughs" to the public amid the unprecedented times. She utilized her time inside Birkhall to become "accessible" and "relatable," royal expert and analyst, Katie Nicholl shared with Vanity Fair.

Reports then noted that Camilla Parker Bowles also experienced a challenging situation amid the COVID-19 crisis. As explained, her husband, Prince Charles caught the symptoms of the novel coronavirus, which led them to self-quarantine for weeks inside their Scottish home.

Fortunately, though, the Duchess of Cornwall did not contract the virus nor its risky symptoms. As for her husband, Prince Charles recovered during his quarantine period.

Since their emergence from their respective quarantine periods, the royal couple has become a lot more apparent in fulfilling royal duties and responsibilities. Alongside Prince William and Kate Middleton, Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles have gone side-by-side with the younger royals for the sake of the British Monarchy.

With her evident stepping up, royal fans, reportedly, continued to share their praises for the Duchess of Cornwall. As reported, it has appeared that the public has had a change of heart in terms of the way they see her.