Meghan Markle, reportedly, got a stern call from a royal staff at Kensington Palace over a necklace she wore in public that had the initials "H" and "M." The former actress was, apparently, emotional and frustrated after the reprimand, according to a friend.

Details of this call are in the pages of the upcoming biography Finding Freedom. In December 2016 or a month after Prince Harry publicly confirmed he's seeing Meghan Markle, the actress was spotted in public with an Ani + Wren 14-carat gold necklace with their initials. 

Palace aides, reportedly, told Meghan that the necklace encouraged photographers to keep following her for snaps and headlines. The Duchess of Sussex was, also, told not to smile at the paparazzi because it would seem like another encouragement. 

The friend divulged that Meghan "felt damned if she did and damned if she didn't." She understood the royal aide had good intentions but the experience unnerved her since no one told her what she can and cannot do before she met Prince Harry. 

Page Six reported that this isn't the first instance Meghan's jewelry choices caused trouble. In December 2019, Buckingham Palace also stepped in and asked jeweler Jennifer Meyer to stop posting photos of the Duchess of Sussex on her Instagram.

Meyer shared pictures of Meghan wearing her necklace quite a few times. The jeweler said that she likes how the Duchess of Sussex "radiates amazing energy" while wearing her pieces and even offered freebies to Prince Harry's wife, which Meghan refused. 

Buckingham Palace, apparently, has a legal agreement with Meyer, similar to all other designers that members of the royal family prefer. This prevents designers from using the royal family for promotions and advertisements and an aide said that the agreement doesn't give designers bragging rights to associate themselves with the royals. 

Meanwhile, Finding Freedom, also, highlighted a longstanding rumor about Meghan's choice of tiara for her wedding day. Sources confirmed to the book authors that Queen Elizabeth did reject Meghan's first tiara choice but no arguments took place between them.

The book alleged that it was the Queen's hairdresser, Angela Kelly, who caused issues with Prince Harry. Apparently, the Duke of Sussex felt Kelly was "dragging her feet" in helping out Meghan find the most appropriate headpiece.

A spokesperson for Prince Harry and Meghan said that they did not collaborate or sat down with the authors of Finding Freedom. The couple, however, did not mention if they gave their friends and staff, who are some of the book's alleged sources, the right to speak on their behalf.