IU surprised fans by naming her Hotel del Luna co-star Yeo Jin Goo as her ideal type.

According to a report by Koreaboo, the Love Poem singer recently confessed that Yeo Jin Goo was her ideal type during a guesting for House on Wheels  where the actor was also present.

There have been many celebrities who consider IU to be their ideal type but the actress rarely comments about her tastes when it comes to men. This was why her frank admission that Yeo Jin Goo fits her criteria sent many fans hearts fluttering.

It can be recalled that among some of IU's fanboys is music and TV personality Yoo Jae Hwan who confessed his love for IU many times before finally meeting her on an episode of Infinite Challenge, Koreaboo reported.

B1A4's Sandeul also said that IU was his top pick for his ideal type of girl. 

Actors Lee Dong Wook and Yoo Seung Ho also said that IU was their ideal type because of her cuteness and charming personality. Rapper Jay Park was also not immune to IU's charms and picked her as his ideal type. 

However, one of the most recent and most talked about additions to IU's fan club is BTS maknae Jungkook, who confessed to falling for the Hotel del Luna actress. 

Jungkook said that he was a big fan of IU's voice, which he described as his favorite among all the voices he has heard. 

As the tables turned on IU during the House on Wheels episode, she was asked whom among the men that were present was her ideal type. 

Even before Sung Dong Il could finish his question, however, IU was already ready with her answer and even said Jin Goo's name twice.

What gained fans' attention was IU and Yeo Jin Goo's reaction after her statement. Jin Goo let out a burst of laugher but IU kept her head down to hide her smile.

Sung Dong Il further added flame to the hearts of shippers when he pointed out IU's lack of hesitation in naming Jin Goo as her ideal guy.

Ever since Hotel del Luna rose to fame last year, fans have commented on the strong chemistry between the two actors and hoped that they would date in real life.

After noticing how Jin Goo took extra care of IU during the episode, and IU's unabashed response to the question, fans are hoping that they might take their friendship to a new level.