Zac Efron will once again have a chance to prove how great he is in comedic roles. The High School Musical actor has been tapped to star in the upcoming remake of the '80s hit comedy movie Three Men And A Baby

Disney+ announced Efron was the first star to be cast in the upcoming reboot of the 1987 classic. It will be produced by Gordon Gray, who is known for bringing inspiring sports dramas to the big screen such as The Rookie, Million Dollar Arm, and Ben Affleck's The Way Back. 

The classic movie Three Men And A Baby starred Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg and Ted Danson. Its script was based on the 1985 French film Three Men And A Cradle.

The Leonard Nimoy-directed comedy follows the mishaps and adventures of three bumbling bachelors who suddenly find themselves taking care of a baby who is the child of one of them. It was the biggest box office hit in the U.S. that year and was also the first live-action Disney film to exceed $100 million at the domestic box office. 

The sequel in 1990, Three Men And A Little Lady, added actress Nancy Travis to the cast. Over the years, there were talks about a third film, tentatively titled Three Men And A Bride, but the movie as never made.

Meanwhile, the Three Men And A Baby reboot would be the big screen reunion for Efron and Disney. The 32-year-old hunk rose to stardom after he appeared in the Disney Channel original High School Musical in 2008. Zac last teamed up with the studio in The Disney Family Singalong TV special that was aired during the pandemic in April. 

Zac Efron's latest casting role came after some commented that the actor is now sporting a "dad bod" in his recent Netflix docu-series, Down to Earth. Many don't agree but some said Efron still looks hot in his body transformation. 

His new movie role could also mean that The Neighbors actor will be returning to the U.S. soon. It was earlier reported that Efron is considering leaving Los Angeles to move permanently to Australia. 

Apparently, the Baywatch actor fell in love with the coastal town of Byron Bay when he filmed an episode of Down to Earth there. Reports have it that Zac is spending quarantine in the area at the moment. 

A spokesperson for the actor also previously said Efron would be enjoying an extended stay in Australia after he finished filming Down to Earth. His rep added that Efron's stay Down Under wasn't related to any film or television role this time around.