Mike Tindall, Zara Tindall's husband and the Queen's grandson-in-law, wants only one thing for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. He revealed that he wishes for the couple to "be happy" with each other and with what they want to do. 

The former rugby professional extended his wish for his cousins-in-law in an interview with Good Morning Britain. Mike said that he supports Prince Harry and Meghan because they are changing their lives for the sake of their family.

It's not the first time Mike expressed his support for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. When Prince Harry announced that the Invictus Games will be postponed due to the pandemic, Mike shared his cousin-in-law's video on his Instagram stories. 

Before Archie's birth, Mike said that he's very sure Prince Harry would make a great father. The Duke of Sussex is godfather to Mike and Zara's youngest, Lena, and he's quite fond of his nephews and nieces. Mike shared that Prince Harry plays with the children when he's at family gatherings. 

The ex-professional player once gave an insight into the dynamics between his royal cousins. He said that, if they were to play rugby together, Prince Harry would be in the front line to crash the ball and tackle the players. Prince William, on the other hand, would be great for racing because he has "fast leg speed" and Kate Middleton would play the left wing because she "can run all day long." 

Meanwhile, Mike, also, confirmed that they had to cancel their family trip to Balmoral this year because of the pandemic. The Queen's grandson-in-law said that this is not just about protecting the monarch, whose health has to be secured from the virus. It's also about protecting family and one another. 

So, as much as they will miss out on spending time with Queen Elizabeth, Mike thinks it's only right to take caution. He said they are lucky to live on a farm, where their children have plenty of space to play and cope better during the lockdowns and quarantines. 

Mike and Zara live in Gatcombe Park, Princess Anne's estate. When the lockdown was eased in the U.K. Mike's kids spent most of the time riding horses with Princess Anne. 

Meanwhile, Mike and Zara or their kids won't be the only ones to miss Balmoral this year. Prince Harry and Meghan will, also, not be able to visit Queen Elizabeth despite their original plans to stay in Balmoral for the summer.