Julia Roberts and Danny Moder's marriage is reportedly on the brink of collapse as the two can't agree where they would like to live. The difference in their living situation preferences is reportedly driving the couple toward a trial separation. 

OK! Magazine published a story this week claiming Roberts and Moder are at odds with each other, contrary to the sweet facade that they showed when they celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary recently. The couple is reportedly fighting over where they want to live. Apparently, the Pretty Woman actress wants to move to San Francisco while Moder wants to stay in Southern California. 

The tabloid cited a source as saying the couple is currently at an impasse and that if the issue is not resolved, they may be headed for a trial separation. This means Julia would live in San Francisco by herself while Danny would stay at their current house in Los Angeles.

The source did not say where the couple's children would be staying. Roberts and the American cinematographer have three children together: twins Hazel and Phinnaeus, 15, and Henry, 13. 

The source added that the tension between Julia and Danny intensified after the actress reunited with her The Pelican Brief co-star Denzel Washington for the Netflix film, Leave the World Behind. The mixed messages coming from Roberts were reportedly driving her husband crazy. 

Apparently, Moder doesn't know what to believe anymore, as one minute Roberts was ready to end her acting career and move to San Francisco but then she would take a huge project and hang out with Washington. 

The tabloid source claimed that fellow actors Richard Gere and George Clooney have been trying to play peacemaker between Roberts and Moder, but to no avail. The actress's friends reportedly don't want her marriage to end, but they can't convince either of the two to back down on what they want. 

Gossip Cop dismissed the rumor, stressing that Roberts and Moder are doing great. The publication noted that it is normal for couples to have disagreements but it doesn't mean they are heading for a divorce or trial separation. 

Gossip Cop added this wasn't the first time this year Roberts and Moder have been rumored to be feuding or spending time apart. In June, the Eat Pray Love actress was rumored to be quarantining at her ranch in New Mexico, away from Moder. The outlet noted Julia may have spent time at her Taos ranch but she was already back in California.

Earlier this month, Woman's Day also alleged that Moder was jealous of his wife and Washington's reunion in a movie. Gossip Cop debunked the rumor, saying both actors were happily married and that there was no indication that they were involved in some sort of affair.