Queen Elizabeth's granddaughter Zara Tindall took a coronavirus home kit test with her husband, Mike Tindall, and reportedly had a negative result. With this good news, the pair apparently travelled to see Queen Elizabeth in her Balmoral estate in Scotland. 

According to Hello, Zara and Mike took their COVID-19 test using the rapid at-home test kit developed for VST Enterprises. The low-key royal pair uploaded their results online, which was verified by Latus Health Care. 

Zara and Mike are ambassadors of the brand, which recently launched its pilot program for the test kits. Zara personally said that she is thrilled for the invention because it will bring assurance to many riders, such as herself, who have to travel across the country for competitions and training.

The United Kingdom has slowly resumed some sports events amid relaxed safety measures against virus transmissions. Mike said that even fans can also get the test results fast if they want to be assured of watching games and sports events live at the venue. 

After taking their tests, Zara and Mike, along with their two daughters, apparently headed to Scotland to enjoy the rest of their summer break with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. They joined the Wessex family, as well as Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank, who were seen arriving at Balmoral in the middle of August.

Their visit, however, will likely be cut short since their eldest daughter, Mia, is due to return to school in the first days of September. In-person classes will resume for many students in the U.K. after months of homeschooling during the lockdown. 

Zara and Mike likely look forward to the start of school since they admitted they are not big on homeschooling. Zara, apparently, continued to train with her horses while in lockdown. So, Mike had to mostly sit down with Mia for her classes in the morning. 

The father-of-two admitted he doesn't have the patience to help with his daughter's school activities. The couple joked that they tried to offload their kids with Princess Anne, Zara's mother, but she also didn't want to be stuck with homeschooling.

Meanwhile, the Tindall family was supposed to travel to Balmoral weeks ahead of their original plan. They had a wonderful outdoor celebration prepared for Princess Anne's 70th birthday, with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. 

However, the royals had to scrap this outdoor party after a temporary travel ban was imposed in the county of Aberdeen, as coronavirus cases increased. Princess Anne and the Tindalls had no choice but to stay put in Gloucestershire.