Chicago Fire season 9 will introduce a new face once it premieres on NBC. It was recently revealed that the series adds Adriyan Rae as a new series regular. It's interesting to see how her arrival could impact the lives of other characters.

In a new report from Deadline, it was confirmed that the Vagrant Queen alum will be joining Chicago Fire season 9 as Gianna Mackey. The character is described as a lovable troublemaker with a twinkle in her eyes. She is good-natured, witty, fun, scrappy, and charming.

Gianna comes from a working-class background and her parents are adored by their community. This makes her welcoming and friendly who treats everyone as a family. What makes her even more interesting is that she has a great sense of humor.

But, Gianna is no pushover. She is tough and quick, and ready to defend the defenseless. The character is willing to do whatever she can to get the job done -- even if not everyone will love it. She's not afraid of a little chaos and she rolls with punches.

It's yet to be seen what Gianna will do with the rest of the Firehouse 51 crew in Chicago Fire season 9. Yet, some speculated she'll come on board as a new paramedic following the departure of Annie Ilonzeh's Emily Foster in season 8.

Meanwhile, Daniel Kyri has been promoted as a series regular in the upcoming installment, as well. The actor plays the role of Darren Ritter, who has been on the show for quite some time. Now, it looks like his story will be explored moving forward.

TVLine reported that Kyri will be a series regular entering Chicago Fire season 9. Ritter has been a recurring character since early in season 7 after Herrmann (David Eigenberg) fired Barns due to disrespect. Mouch (Christian Stolte), then, suggested Ritter fill the position.

Following the announcement, showrunner Derek Haas said he's excited to see Kyri appearing regularly in the series He said that the actor plays the character with sincerity and depths, making more rooms to write for him. Also, he teased that "some big Ritter action" is coming in the new season.

Chicago Fire season 9 is set to begin filming on Tuesday, October 6. If the schedule will be followed, we could expect the series returns in November. Reportedly, the upcoming installment is slated to premiere on Wednesday, Nov. 11, at 9 PM Eastern Time, on NBC.