Prince Philip has one of the most enduring marriages in the world with Queen Elizabeth. For 73 years and counting, he has been known as the monarch's other half and support system but he also faced rumors of infidelity.

In the upcoming book Prince Philip Revealed, author Ingrid Seward said that the Duke of Edinburgh had at least 12 women linked to his name. From members of the aristocratic upper class, to actresses, to distant families, rumors of his alleged affairs persisted but Seward said that no one could come up with an "iota of hard evidence." 

Prince Philip's alleged relationships with other women gets retold and rehashed that some people are resigned to believe it. One of these stories that keep coming up is the Duke of Edinburgh's close friendship with Penny Romsey, the Countess Mountbatten of Burma. 

Penny, who is in her late 60s, has been Prince Philip's partner in many carriage driving competitions since the 1990s. She was the woman frequently seen at Prince Philip's Wood Farm home in Sandringham during his retirement years. 

In their earlier days, Seward was an actual witness to Prince Philip and Penny dancing at the Royal Yacht Squadron Ball without a care in the world. The author, however, said that more than anything else, Penny saw Prince Philip as a mentor and supportive friend, especially after her own marriage crumbled. 

Another woman whose name often comes up with Prince Philip is actress Pat Kirkwood. Seward said that the Duke of Edinburgh personally apologized to her for being "pestered" by the rumors of their affairs in a letter he wrote in the 1980s. 

In 2006, Prince Philip said in an interview that he was flattered that some people would think young women would still fall for him at his age. He reiterated yet again that the rumors about Kirkwood were "absolute cuckoo."

Seward said that even Princess Diana was convinced Prince Philip had children with other women. She was allegedly determined to find out their identities but, as the world knew, the Princess of Wales died in a car crash in 1997.

Meanwhile, this pandemic crisis was a huge change for Prince Philip as he usually stays isolated in Wood Farm near Sandringham. He has not been living with Queen Elizabeth in the same house for quite some time as Prince Philip wanted no more of those royal protocols and obligations after his retirement in 2017. 

However, in March, the Duke of Edinburgh needed to be whisked away with the Queen to Windsor Castle. According to sources, Prince Philip wanted to remain in Sandringham but it was going to be a logistic and staff nightmare to protect two elderly royals from the coronavirus at different places. 

But, Queen Elizabeth compromised with her husband and allowed a two-week stop over at Sandringham this week. The royal pair are staying at Wood Farm before the Queen moves back to Windsor Castle with her husband. The monarch also plans to return to royal duties for some certain events in Buckingham Palace but Prince Philip will not join her.