Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, have continued to do their royal duties amid the pandemic crisis. Despite their seniority in terms of ages, they easily "adapted" to the digital age.

A royal aide told the Daily Mail that the Cornwall couple has largely utilized their smartphones, "propped on books," to use video conferencing and messaging apps, like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. The future monarch's Consort even "converted" to using House Party, which is a social networking app for various purposes.

The Prince of Wales' Principal Private Secretary Clive Alderton stated that the royal couple embraced these changes "overnight." Their constant online communications with the rest of the members of the British Royal Family have seemingly prepared them to "switch to online work."

The royal aide continued that with the use of these platforms, Prince Charles and Camilla, have continued to reach millions of people across the globe. They have, also, covered topics ranging from "domestic violence" and "isolation," to books that would keep their "mind active."

Alderton added that, from the moment Boris Johnson announced the national lockdown earlier this year, they "literally" flicked overnight into doing everything online. He, however, countered that the Cornwall couple, as well as the rest of the British Royals, has remained positive to "get out" of their residences to meet people, "as much as restrictions allowed."

The source, then, stated that the British Royal Family loves meeting people, which explains their eagerness to return to their public engagements and appearances, according to the Daily Express. But, Alderton noted that the royals, especially Prince Charles and Camilla, are also finding the virtual meetings and engagements "pretty energized."

In the end, he said that the British Royals will continue to connect in all the ways they can until the lockdown measures ease. The royals, along with the staff and aides, will, reportedly, utilize the "flexibility" that the restrictions will allow.

Another source close to the British Royal Family revealed that Prince Charles, along with all of the employees inside Clarence House, has since kept the "business as usual" dynamic even after switching to digital platforms. A palace insider echoed the statements and said that the future King has operated "as close to as business as usual as possible" amid the pandemic crisis.

Reports, then, recalled that aside from the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, the rest of the working royals have taken the digital approach to their respective duties and responsibilities. These even included Queen Elizabeth, who has, also, taken advantage of the digital platforms in recent months.