Big Hit Entertainment just revealed the release date and pre-order details of BTS’ upcoming album. RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook’s new album is called BE, and ARMYs activated their detective superpowers to know what it means.

ARMYs have been connecting the dots for years. The boys have left a lot of easter eggs in their videos in the past, which is why the fandom knows that there’s a deeper meaning why they chose BE as the name of their new album.

One ARMY shared that it could be the final “journey to self.” BTS has reminded their fans multiple times that being themselves is enough. This new album could be the end game to the long adventure in finding one’s self. “LOVE Yourself, FACE Yourself, SPEAK Yourself, BE Yourself,” one tweeted.

Another detective ARMY took things to a mathematical level. They pointed out that “B” is the second letter of the alphabet while “E” is the fifth one. So, two plus five equal to seven, which is how many the BTS members are.

One of the popular speculations is that the album name and the concert are actually connected. BTS’ October comeback is called “Map Of The Sole ON:E” According to some ARMYs, the group’s hidden meaning is “BE ONE,” which signifies BTS’ promise to ARMYs to be together as one.

Every time BTS released a music video, teaser, and more, ARMYs automatically dissect them. Sometimes they got it right, sometimes they don’t. That’s the thing with theories, it can always go either way, but ARMYs keep forming new ones every day anyway.

As it turns out, BTS is very much aware of these fan theories. In fact, V mentioned it during their behind the scenes of their “On” Official MV. On March 2, BANGTANTV uploaded a “Shooting Sketch” episode on YouTube, where V even dared ARMYs to make a theory about his artificial tattoo.

“This is a temporary tattoo of sharp thorns digging into my neck,” he said. “When I see ARMY having theories about our MV, a lot of them are beyond our imagination. I look forward to many theories this time too,” he said while pointing at his neck. “What this means.”

When BTS dropped its “ON Kinetic Manifesto Film: Come Prima" on February 21, many were shocked to see V sporting a couple of tattoos. Since two other members of the maknae line, Jimin and Jungkook, are already confirmed to have some permanent ink done, V getting one too is not far from happening. However, it was later revealed that V's ink was just temporary.