BTS will use new technologies for their upcoming online concert to immerse the audience even further into the experience.

According to Big Hit Entertainment, BTS is preparing a major stage for their upcoming "BTS MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E" online concert, which will be held on October 10 at 7 pm and on October 11 at 4 pm, All Kpop reported.

The ON:E in the concert's title pertains to being an ONline Edition concert.

Based on Big Hit's announcement, BTS is going all out for their concert. They will be performing for two straight hours for ARMYs all over the globe. What makes BTS' concert unlike any other is the use of technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and extended reality (XR) which enhances the viewing experience for the audience.

With the use of these advanced technologies, the concert can be enjoyed by ARMYs in clear definition 4K or HD.

The concert will also feature multiview live streaming, which means that ARMYs can tap into six different camera angles on one screen. They will get the power to choose which angle they want to view.

According to Big Hit, BTS will be performing setlists that have never been released before to make up for the cancellation of multiple concerts scheduled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. BTS also plans to surprise their fans with changes to their songs and performances to make the concert more interesting to fans.

It can be recalled that BTS' last online concert for Bang Bang Con The Live became the largest selling paid online concert in the world as 756,000 ARMYs tuned in to watch BTS perform on stage after a long while.

BTS' concert comes ahead of the release of their upcoming album BE, on November 20.

According to Soompi, BTS announced that BE will be available as a deluxe edition in November. Members described the contents to be their most "BTS-esque music yet." They added that the tracks will carry an inspiring message to encourage fans through this new normal time.

The announcement seemed to echo BTS' recent statement before the United Nations that rallied world leaders and citizens to continue dreaming and living on through the difficulties brought by the COVID-19 global health pandemic.

BE deluxe edition became available for pre-order beginning September 28. As soon as the announcement was released, ARMYs already posted fan theories about the meaning of the album's title.