Rick and Morty season 5 is officially coming on Adult Swim. The animated sci-fi sitcom is one of the most popular adult cartoons. Aside from being loved by everyday viewers and sci-fi lovers, some celebrities watch the series, as well. One of them is rapper Kanye West.

Now, there are speculations that West could have his own episode in the upcoming Rick and Morty season 5. The rapper is a massive fan of the sitcom and even retweeted a post in 2018 when the animated series was renewed for 70 episodes.

At the time, West wrote that the sitcom is his favorite show and he watched every episode at least five times each. Speaking to Blast in 2019, co-creator Justin Roiland discussed the rapper being a super fan of the show, and the likelihood of him having an episode.

Roiland noted that he's willing to give West his own episode in the series. He said that he's "making it official" since they have additional 70 episodes, and the rapper can have one. Shortly after the interview, West was, reportedly, seen hanging out with the crew of the animated series.

The Kanye West Twitter fan page shared a photo of the rapper surrounded by the people working on the sitcom, as well as Dan Harmon. Also, he was wearing a custom-designed hoodie with illustrations from the show. It further fuels speculation he'll have an episode in Rick and Morty season 5.

Updating fans about this particular episode, Roiland told Entertainment Weekly earlier this year that they are trying to schedule something for the rapper. However, he made it clear that it's not going to be for the upcoming batch of episodes.

Still, the co-creator assured fans that they love the idea of doing something with West. Yet, there are other things that needed to be considered, including discussions of what exactly that is and talking with the rapper. He, then, said that it's a very sincere and legitimate offer when they threw that out.

Meanwhile, the promo of Rick and Morty season 5 revealed some details as to what's coming in the next installment. One of the revelations is the true nature of the death crystals, which could provide new opportunities for the titular characters to explore alternative versions of themselves.

The new season could also see Jessica addressing her feelings for Morty. There could be some progress in their repetitive non-starting love story this time around. As for Rick, he may encounter a new nemesis, who viewers have never seen before.

Rick and Morty season 5 has no official release date at the moment. The first four seasons are available to stream on Adult Swim.