The Democratic dream of a blowout, or a Blue Wave, in November is flourishing because national polls show its candidate Joe Biden winning the presidency by a landslide.

A Blue Wave sees the party winning not only the presidency but the Senate, too, as well as retaining control of the House.

The latest polls show a Biden victory in the electoral vote. The latest poll forecast a Biden Electoral College win, according to CNN. Biden has a 290 to 163 lead over President Donald Trump.

A total of 270 Electoral College votes is needed to become president. In the U.S. the winner of the Electoral College vote becomes president.

CNN said this was the first time its polling showed a Biden win in the Electoral College. In addition, the latest CNN national poll of voters conducted between Oct. 1 and Oct. 4 showed Biden with his largest lead over Trump among likely voters 57% to 41%.

"If you add up the states that are currently rated as solidly in his camp and those leaning in his direction, it brings his total to 290 electoral votes," CNN said in its analysis.

CNN said because Trump remains infected with COVID-19 and absent from the campaign trail, "his campaign finds itself in its worst political position...The president had a disastrous debate performance last week in what was one of his last best chances to turn things around before millions of Americans began casting ballots."

CNN's Electoral College poll now supports the results from opinion poll analysis website FiveThirtyEight. It forecast a Biden win in its most recent poll. Its model predicts Biden winning 352 of 538 electoral votes.

Apart from a perception Trump is to blame for the COVID-19 mismanagement, the CNN poll shows Republicans donating less money to Trump's campaign. Political pundits say Biden appeared to have rebuilt the "Blue Wall" across the Midwest - which Trump won in 2016 to become president.

Pennsylvania, which is now leaning Democratic, sees Biden ahead of Trump by 12 points - or 54% to 42%, according to the latest Monmouth University poll among registered voters taken after the presidential debate Sept. 29. Biden led by four points in the same poll in September.

Biden leads Trump by nine points - 48% to 39% - among likely voters in Michigan, another swing state, according to a poll by The Detroit News and WDIV-TV taken after the debate. Trump won both Pennsylvania and Michigan in 2016.

CNN said the eight polls in Pennsylvania that met its criteria gave Biden a lead that never fell below 5%. Biden spent $48 million in the state compared with $21 million by Trump.