Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has widened his lead in a CNN national opinion poll to 16 percentage points after the debate result and President Donald Trump's hospitalization for COVID-19.

The CNN Poll conducted between Oct. 1 and Oct. 4 shows likely voters breaking for Biden 57% to 41%. Biden led Trump on many issues including the economy and law and order and among all demographics except for non-college educated White voters.

Likely voters preferred Biden over Trump in handling COVID-19 59% to 38%, the economy 50% to 48%, crime and safety 55% to 43%, health care 59% to 39%, race issues 62% to 36% and nominations to the Supreme Court 57% to 41%.

Biden's favorability ratings have improved, too. Fifty-two percent of respondents said they had a positive impression of Biden compared with 39% for Trump.

Likely voters are more inclined to choose Biden as the candidate who can best unite the country - 61% to 33%. Biden is seen as honest and trustworthy 58% to 33%, more caring 58% to 38%, with a clear plan to solve the country's problems 55% to 39% and keeping Americans safe 55% to 43%.

The demographics in the CNN poll show the former vice president leading Trump among women 66% to 32% - compared with September's 57% to 37%.

Biden also expanded his lead among people of color. Biden now leads Trump 69% to 27% compared with 59% to 31% in September. He also made gains among younger voters, moderates and independents.

Trump's core supporters remain White men without college degrees. This group increased their support for Trump to 67% from a previous 61%.

An analysis in September by The Brookings Institution and National Public Radio said in the 16 states most likely to be closely contested in November, all but two have seen a decline in Whites without a college degree as a share of eligible voters.

Biden boosted his lead in several swing states including Pennsylvania where he is now ahead by 12 points, according to the latest Monmouth University poll of registered voters taken after the debate. Biden led by four points in the same poll in September.

Biden leads Trump by 48% to 39% among likely voters in Michigan, according to a poll by The Detroit News and WDIV-TV taken after the debate. Trump won both Pennsylvania and Michigan in 2016.