Prince Harry will likely not stay in Frogmore Cottage upon his return to London for an emergency in-person meeting with Queen Elizabeth. Instead, the Duke of Sussex will settle at a hotel and pay for his own accommodation.

A source revealed to OK Magazine that Prince Harry doesn't want to live in Frogmore Cottage, or Buckingham Palace, or his brother's house in Kensington Palace when he's back home. Apparently, he'd rather rent a room to prove to the royal family that he could "stand on his own two feet."

Earlier, The Sun reported that members of the royal household received instructions to prepare Frogmore Cottage for the return of the Duke of Sussex, without Meghan Markle and their son Archie Harrison. Harry is expected "within weeks" and will have an audience with Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle.

Royal biographer Penny Junor said that Harry's recent political activism in the U.S. burned bridges beyond repair that were significant to the royal family. The Queen is supposed to give her grandson a "telling off" for speaking out and getting political. However, other sources said that he'll also need to fix his visa issues with the U.S. so he had to return home.

The Duke of Sussex apparently regards this trip home as work-related and hardly a personal return to catch up with the royal family. The OK Magazine source added that Meghan is prepping her husband for his big meeting with Her Majesty.

Royal commentator Dan Wootton said that some members of the royal family are blaming Meghan for Prince Harry's recent choices and pronouncements. Aside from becoming politically outspoken, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex also signed a multimillion contract with Netflix.

Wootton criticized the business move and said that the streaming platform now owns Harry and Meghan. He believes that the Sussexes sold a British brand to the streaming platform, which essentially tarnished Harry. Wootton said that the Duke of Sussex is "damaged goods now."

But, royal biographer Ingrid Seward believes Harry can never burn bridges for as long as the Queen regards her grandson as the "prodigal son" of the family. The Queen will keep forgiving Harry even as she will not forget what he did.

Seward also believes that Queen Elizabeth will be happy to accept Harry and Meghan without any grudges if they choose to return to the royal fold. Incidentally, the Duke and Duchess Sussex are due to review their arrangement with the Queen in March 2021.