Fans are now talking about the coming of Re: Zero Season 3 after the first part of its previous season concluded last month. As White Fox has yet to announce the anime series' renewal, will the show continue or is it still too early to tell?

Re: Zero Season 2 is in a split-cour format. Its first half began to air in July and ended in September, while the second half would start airing in January 2021, Video Tape News reported.

As it will still take time before fans will see the continuation of Subaru Natsuki's adventure, there's no news about Re: Zero Season 3's coming yet.

This anime has defied the negative connotation that comes with its genre, Isekai. But, with its intriguing concepts and psychological depth, it managed to get everyone's attention. 

It has been part of the best anime of the year list. It has also become a big hit when it starts hitting the small screens, earning a huge fan base worldwide and the highest rating. However, with its violence theme, it is not suitable for all age groups, especially the young ones.

With a promising storyline, fans now want to know if there will be Re: Zero Season 3. Sure, the second season is yet to officially end, but viewers are now looking forward to the third installment.

It is good to note that there is a significant time gap between the first and second season. Fans waited for four years before Re: Zero Season 2 premiered after Season 1 ended in 2016.

With the second installment's success, it is totally worth the wait as fans cannot get enough of it. So, will there be Re: Zero Season 3?

There is no official announcement about Re: Zero Season 3 has been made yet. The anime series' producer, Sho Tanaka, told Crunchyroll he is confident fans would clamor for a new season after they finish watching the second season.

His statement does not confirm the coming of a new season, though, but it seems to be enough hint that the creators will work on its continuation with the positive response it has received. The Cinemaholic noted that compared to other anime seriesRe: Zero still has a lot to offer.

Just like Season 2, Re: Zero Season 3 may also have two cours. It may have more than 20 episodes that will be divided into two releases. Of course, fans will continue to see Natsuki's adventure.