For Life season 2 is coming next month on ABC. The series was renewed in June and began production in August in New York. However, filming was suspended for two weeks in September due to COVID-19 test results. Now, the good thing is that everything seems to be ready.

The recently-released trailer of For Life season 2 teased more interesting stories are coming moving forward. The first installment saw Aaron Wallace (Nicholas Pinnock) facing a lot of challenges inside the jail. But, based on the clip, the character is a free man now.

The trailer teased that Aaron is embarking on a new chapter now that he's out of jail. The clip comes with a tagline: "Never stop fighting." We're going to see the character in his post-prison life. This could be the major theme of the upcoming installment.

While it's nice to see Aaron living his life outside of prison, more challenges are coming for him in the outside world. Perhaps, he'll start working to help other people who are wrongfully accused of crimes with new resources around him.

Aaron's release might lead him to becoming a celebrity, as well. However, this may not benefit the courts of law. A lot of people are out there are willing to do whatever they can to get him back in jail. For Life season 2 could also see new enemies, but new friends at the same time.

What's interesting about the series is that it serves as an inspiration. It tells a story about justice and proving someone's innocence. Aaron has been sentenced to life for a crime he didn't commit. Yet, he never gave up despite the obstacles on his way.

He became a lawyer while incarcerated. He works as a defense attorney for others while doing his best to get his own sentence overturned. Aaron serves as an inspiration; he fights for what he believes in and works hard to get on the other side.

There were only a few shows that feature the trials and tribulations of those who were wrongly accused. For Life season 2 may take an even bolder step and look at the prison reform. Now that Aaron gets out of prison, he can be a hero for those who need justice.

In addition to Pinnock, the series also stars Indira Varma as Safiya Masry, Joy Bryant as Marie Wallace, Mary Stuart Masterson as Anya Harrison, Dorian Crossmond Missick as Jamal Bishop, Tyla Harris as Jasmine Wallace, Glenn Fleshler as Frank Foster, Boris McGiver as Glen Maskins, and Timothy Busfield as Henry Roswell.

For Life season 2 premieres on Wednesday, Nov. 18, on ABC.