Melania Trump once claimed she was likely the "most bullied" person in the world. But Meghan Markle is harassed, too.

Both women continue to be the subject of public criticism, according to the Daily Express. For years, many have attacked them on social media. However, it's unofficial as to who is the most bullied or trolled person in the world.

Trump first made her claims in 2018 as she announced the Be Best initiative. She said she was the "most bullied" in the world. She said one just had to read what people were saying about her.

Two years later, Markle made similar claims. During an appearance on the Teenager Therapy podcast she and Prince Harry discussed mental health and online criticisms to mark National Mental Health Day.

Like Trump, the Duchess of Sussex said she is the "most trolled" person in the world.

She said she was once not even "visible." The former working royal said she was on maternity leave for eight months.

But, despite this she still received a lot of criticism and negative remarks. Later on she described it as "almost unsurvivable."

Markle and Trump have never met. But their paths crossed a couple of times.

Reports said that the duchess "openly condemned" Donald Trump. Before she became part of the British royal family she called out the U.S. president several times - especially during his first bid to become president.

It took years, though, before Trump hit back and called Markle "nasty."

A year later, he wished Harry "luck" - he would need it with the former Suits actor. In September, he said he wasn't a fan of Meghan.