Melania Trump remains at the front and center of allegations following Stephanie Winston Wolkoff's controversial secret tapes. The former White House aide secretly recorded some of the conversations she had with the First Lady while working with her in 2018.

She already released some of the tapes to the media. The most recent one features their conversation about Beyoncé being the chosen cover for Vogue's September issue in 2018, according to NBC News.

Amid the phone call, Melania Trump told Wolkoff that Anna Wintour gave the cover, and the "complete everything" to the "Love On Top" singer. She continued that they would hire a black photographer, who, later on, became the first black photographer doing a cover shoot for the magazine. Wolkoff described it as "insane," while Trump said that it was what she read.

The same publication reported that Vogue's September 2018 issue made history because of its first black photographer to shoot for the cover. Beyoncé previously said that she saw it as an opportunity to provide more platforms for Black artists. The magazine, then, reportedly, suggested photographer Tyler Mitchell to the songstress, and she agreed to work with the young artist.

Several reports said that Melania Trump expressed her surprise and shock during the recorded phone call with Stephanie Winston Wolkoff upon learning about Vogue's movements. Some even pointed out that this came after the notion that she has not been chosen to become a cover of the magazine since her arrival inside the White House.

Others noted, though, that she already became a cover artist of Vogue. The cover photo of the March 2005 issue features her in her wedding dress, given that she just tied the knot to Donald Trump earlier that year.

Following the release of recordings about Beyoncé, Melania Trump's spokeswoman "condemned" Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, according to the Daily Mail. Stephanie Grisham stated that the author's "narcissism" does not have any boundaries, adding that she is a "fraud."

The First Lady's Chief-of-Staff continued that Wolkoff "hand-picked" all of the audiotapes and presented them with "no context." She, then, shamed the author for the continued attempt of "character assassination," as well as NBC for covering it.

As noted, the Melania and Me author shared the secret recording with the network. Reports, also, added that the conversation about Beyoncé and Vogue is only one of the six recorded phone conversations between the First Lady and the former White House staff. They all, reportedly, took place between February and July 2018.