ARMYs can argue for days if who among them is the biggest fan of BTS. But, when it comes to J-Hope, nobody can beat V as the ultimate fanboy.

BTS spends most of their time together, so they get to see each other more than anyone else. That said, V has witnessed J-Hope’s personality first-hand, and he likes it a lot. But instead of just telling the “Ego” rapper how much he loves him privately, the “Sweet Night” singer would say it in live broadcasts, variety shows, social media, and more.

While it's clear that the BTS boys adore one another, many have noticed that V’s adoration for J-Hope is on the next level. In fact, the 24-year-old singer, songwriter, and actor once expressed his love for the “Chicken Noodle Soup” hitmaker in a very bold way.

On his BTS Festa 2014 profile, V shared a very specific time and moment that represented him. “The phrase I said at 28 minutes and 49 seconds in episode 8 of BTS’s Rookie King,” he wrote.

BTS’s Rookie King Episode 8 was the “Of Course” game, where V and J-Hope had to battle each other. And on 28 minutes and 49 seconds, V asked JH a very important question.

“You like me, right?” V asked J-Hope. The BTS rapper looked stunned by the question, and the other members cracked up. But since JH had to say “of course” to not lose the round, he said just that, and it made V smile from ear to ear.

In 2015, V dedicated a whole series for J-Hope on social media, which he called #oh. He posted photos and videos that he took of JH and shared how much he adores him. “You. Only an exclamation can come out. I can understand now why people look at you and go, “oh..” he wrote.

As if that’s not enough, V openly shared his love for J-Hope during the latter’s birthday live broadcast. While waiting for the clock to strike 12, JH was chatting with ARMYs when V visited him in his room. The “Winter Bear” singer then sat on the couch with JH, where he said, “I think I like you too much,” right in front of hundreds of thousands of ARMYs watching.

And on BTS Festa 2020, V confessed that he tried hard to be praised by J-Hope. He said that he did his best to get complimented by JH and felt bad when he overlooked his efforts. Based on the BTS rapper’s expression, he had no idea that the “Singularity” singer had been longing for his approval.