Barack Obama released his new memoir, A Promised Land, on Tuesday. While the success of the material continues to grow, the former U.S. President maintains his effort to promote the book. Two days after the official release, he accepted InStyle's invitation for an interview, wherein he talked about the "multiple badass qualities" of the "most influential women" in his life.

People reported that Obama shared some details about the things that make his wife and daughters "badass." Despite noting that they have too many of these qualities, he gave a few insights for the cover story.

He started with Michelle Obama, adding that the public already knows how "amazing" she is as a public speaker. But, what most people do not know is what it is like to have a workout session with the former First Lady, especially when she is "in her groove."

Obama warned that one should not "get in the way" when his wife is "working on a bag." He said that there is "force," especially when she is doing boxing.

Barack Obama moved on to discussing his daughters' "badass qualities." He revealed that Sasha, who is now 19-years-old, is "completely confident."

He, also, emphasized that titles and credentials do not "intimidate" his youngest daughter. Whether right or wrong, Sasha would, reportedly, say it.

As for Malia, Obama described her as "buoyant." He stated that his eldest daughter "enjoys" life, conversations, and people, adding that she never gets bored. He continued that this is a "badass quality" that can take a person to several places.

The daughters of the former First Couple are currently in their college years. Months after leaving home for their studies, they went back to stay with Michelle and Barack Obama amid the pandemic crisis.

The former First Lady previously talked about it in an interview, revealing that Sasha and Malia were "no longer thrilled" to distance themselves from their parents socially. Like the rest of the public, they have now resorted to virtual learning due to the country's lockdown measures.

Later on, Barack Obama added that he included some details of his life with his daughters in his latest work. Aside from fatherhood, the former U.S. President, also, discussed the challenges he and Michelle Obama faced during their time inside the White House. He shone a light on how his presidency took a toll and "strained" their marriage, according to Bustle.