The Crown Season 4 arrived on Netflix on November 15. Several individuals have since expressed their negative reception of the show due to its "inaccurate" and re-telling of the events that happened in the British Royals' lives between 1979 and 1990.

One of the people who shared their thoughts about the show is Princess Diana's brother, Charles Spencer. He confessed about feeling "uneasy" with the series' depiction of his sister, according to the Daily Express.

Speaking to ITV's Love Your Weekend with Alan Titchmarsh, Earl Spencer shared his worries that the public would forget about the show's fictional narrative. He stated that many Americans have watched the show as if they have "taken a history lesson."

The Princess of Wales' brother continued that The Crown Season 4 has a lot of "conjecture" and "invention," adding that the details are "not fact." Later on, he said that it is his "duty to stand up" for the late royal when he can.

Charles Spencer's sentiments echoed those of several royal experts and commentators. After witnessing Peter Morgan's dramatization of the British Royals' lives on small screens, palace insiders, reportedly, accused the creators and producers of "trolling on a Hollywood budget," according to Forbes.

The show is "presenting fiction as facts," adding that the people behind the material have "no regard" to the actual British Royals. They "exploited" and "hijacked" the lives of the individuals portrayed on the show.

Several others also described it as "unfair" and wrong. They exploited the British Royal Family's "pain" for "financial gain" with the use of their "twisted version" of events.

Tatler, then, released a brief report on which British Royals have already watched The Crown Season 4. While most of the members of the Firm do not confirm nor deny anything, some sources claimed that Queen Elizabeth has already seen the series.

During the second installment's course in 2017, sources said that the British Monarch watched the pilot season. While she was, reportedly, "happy" with the material, she found it "too heavily dramatized."

Other sources added that it was the Earl and Countess of Wessex who encouraged the Queen to watch the series. Apart from them, several other younger royals, also, allegedly, watched the first few episodes of the Netflix show.

The Crown Season 4 covered the events under Margaret Thatcher's lead in the United Kingdom. The Hollywood Reporter recently reported that the next season will pick up the pace and time where the show left off.

The series' filming for the fifth installment will likely kick-off in 2021. Then, the show will end its course in its sixth season, presumably, covering up to Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee in 2012.