Jimin and V pride themselves on having the “soulmate” status. The pair were already pals before becoming trainees in Big Hit Entertainment and maintained that bond until today. As if that's not enough, the BTS boys were born in the same year that seemed to confirm that they are destined to be best friends.

However, Suga previously threw Jimin and V under the bus during their appearance in James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke. When the funny host asked which of the members argue the most, the “Daechwita” rapper said it was Vmin. When James Corden inquired further about what they were arguing about, the 95-liners kept their mouth shut to possibly save their soulmate status, but Jungkook answered for them and said, “dumplings.”

Yes. Dumplings. Only true best friends would argue about the simplest things, such as a dish consisting of dough pieces wrapped around a filling.

But in an in-depth interview with Esquire‘s Dave Holmes, Jimin and V defended their friendship this time around. Just like their Carpool Karaoke stint, Suga once again shared that Vmin fights the most among the group.

However, this time, V spoke up and said that he and Jimin have not fought in three years. Instead, a new pair of members argue the most now, and they are Jin and Jungkook — the oldest and youngest of the group.

Just like Vmin’s dumpling incident, Jin and Jungkook’s argument is also something that only close pals would fight about. Jimin explained that Jinkook’s squabble would start as a joke and escalate into something serious.

Jin didn’t deny the claims and even demonstrated how he and Jungkook argue. “Why did you hit me so hard?… I didn’t hit you that hard,” Mr. Worldwide Handsome mimicked the usual scene of their fight.

The “Moon” singer has been dubbed as the fake maknae by ARMYs because of his very playful personality. Although he is the oldest member of BTS, Jin is the youngest in his family, so he gets to merge both worlds.

While respect is a huge deal in South Korea, especially when it comes to age, Jin usually lets his younger members get away with their silly antics. In fact, the other boys, especially Jungkook, love to tease him because they know he would not get mad or upset.

But just because Jin is very patient with them, that does not mean that they don't respect him at all. The truth is that RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook adore Mr. Worldwide Handsome as their oldest hyung.