Will GOT7's Mark Tuan receive a Silver Play button from YouTube even before he uploads his first video? Mark's newly launched YouTube channel amassed so many subscribers and reached 700,000 followers in just a week's time.

According to a report by Kpopstarz, Mark Tuan's YouTube channel received a boost after JYP Entertainment announced that GOT7 members will be parting ways with the company when their contract expires.

Aghases were saddened by the news since this means that members will be going their separate ways. Some were relieved and recounted how JYP let GOT7's potential go to waste by failing to give them the same opportunities to fully promote their music and talents.

Mark was one of the members who revealed his plans to fans when his contract expires. The singer will reportedly return to Los Angeles to be with his family. He also shared plans to start his own YouTube channel and work on solo music.

As a result, it took very little time for the idol to reach 100,000 subscribers, which qualified him to receive a Silver Play Button from the streaming platform. Silver Creator Awards are given to creators who surpass 100,000 subscribers on their channel.

However, YouTube may opt to wait a bit more before making any announcements since Mark's channel is already on its way to a million subscribers. As of January 13, the channel already has 786,000 subscribers. If Mark reaches 1 million subscribers, it would qualify him for a Gold Play button.

After finding out the news that he received thousands of followers within a short period, Mark thanked the fans through his social media accounts and said that it would be crazy to receive a YouTube award even if his channel is still empty.

Apart from Mark, other members are also preparing for their careers after JYP Entertainment. Jinyoung reportedly concluded his final meetings to sign with acting agency BH Entertainment.

Through their Weibo account, China's Team Wang announced that they would manage Jackson's activities and promotions in China. He is on the lookout for a Korean agency to manage his Korean promotions.

Yugyeom has reportedly been scouted by Jay Park's hip hop label AOMG while Sublime Artists Agency confirmed that they were in talks to sign Youngjae as one of their artists.

JB is rumored to be in the process of deciding between several agencies while Bambam plans to continue promoting in Thailand and Korea under MAKEUS Entertainment, Soompi reported.

GOT7 members will also get to keep the trademark for their group's name after their contract with JYP ends. This means that they can come together at any time to collaborate under the GOT7 name.