As a gacha game, "Genshin Impact" induces players to spend in-game currencies in exchange for virtual items like weapons, characters, and cosmetics. There are premium currencies in the game like Primogems and Mora that players are familiar with, and then there are Genesis Crystals. For those who would like to know more about this premium currency, here are some important things they should know.

What Are Genesis Crystal In "Genshin Impact"

Most players are too focused on getting Primogems that they forget there are other ways to increase their stock of this premium in-game currency. One way is by acquiring Genesis Crystals. The game describes it as a kind of energy crystal from the origin of the universe. Formed out of pure hope and potential, this crystal contains ample energy to create a newborn star.

Where To Find Genesis Crystals in "Genshin Impact"

The only way for players to get their hands on Genesis Crystals is by purchasing them at the in-game shop. The in-game shop can be accessed by opening the Summon Paimon Menu and clicking the Shop icon. In the shop, players should tap the Crystal Top-Up and choose the package they want to purchase. In every first-time purchase," Genshin Impact" players get a bonus of twice the amount.

Players can purchase 60 Genesis Crystals for $0.99, 300 Genesis Crystals for $4.99, and 980 Genesis Crystals for $14.99. For those who want to purchase more than 1000 Genesis Crystals, "Genshin Impact" ensures that they can do so. 1,980 Genesis Crystals are available for $29.99, 3,280 Genesis Crystals for $49.99 and 6,480 Genesis Crystals for $99.99. These prices sometimes change due to in-game promotions.

Aside from this, players can also obtain Genesis Crystals through Blessing of the Welkin Moon. It is a monthly subscription card that costs $4.99. Players immediately get 300 Genesis Crystals after purchasing aside from 90 Primogems that they collect every day for 30 days.

Where To Spend Genesis Crystals On

Players can trade Genesis Crystals for Primogems, which is a one-to-one basis. Players can use these crystals if they need to fill in missing Primogems. Apart from this, Genesis Crystals can be used to purchase leveling items such as Mora, Hero'sWits, and Enchantment Ores, among others.

"GenshinImpact" just launched its latest "Adrift in the Harbor" banner event that features the five-star Cryo Archer Ganyu. Players can use Genesis Crystals should they run out of Primogems in making Wishes to pull Ganyu.

"Genshin Impact" is now available on PC, PS4, iOS, and Android devices. The game is in development for Nintendo Switch and PS5.