The Flash season 7 is premiering next month on The CW after months of hiatus. The superhero drama has been teasing fans on what's coming ahead prior to its official release. Viewers have been getting a lot of updates, particularly in terms of casting. In fact, a new villain will arrive and he could further challenge the titular hero.

Jon Cor, who is best known as Hodge Starkweather in Shadowhunters, is confirmed to be joining The Flash season 7. The actor is set to play the role of Scientist Mark Stevens a.k.a. Chillblaine. He is described as a "charismatic bad boy" and obsessed with cryogenic technology.

Chillblaine is armed with his own cold weapons and he's going to be the new thorn of the Team Flash moving forward. In the comic, this villain was sometimes partnered with Golden Glider/Lisa Snart. However, there is no confirmed plan that Peyton List will reprise her role in the first season.

No further details on how Chillblaine's presence will shake the story up in The Flash season 7. But, he and Wentworth Miller's Captain Cold have some similarities. It's yet to be seen whether or not the latter is returning anytime soon.

Chillblaine marks the latest villain in The Flash season 7, though it is unknown which episode he's going to show up. For now, the major focus of the first few episodes is Eva McCulloch/Mirror Master's (Efrat Dor) storyline. She'll remain to be a huge threat to Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and others.

When this storyline is wrapped up, it is expected that other villains from the past will show up -- including Godspeed. During the CCXP Worlds 2020, series star Danielle Nicolet (plays Cecile Horton) teased the appearance of the "major villains" in the new season.

Nicolet did not reveal who they could be, but she noted that some "bad guy favorites" will be paying a visit. Although the actress didn't mention any names, fans speculated that Savitar and Zoom are coming back, considering their history with the titular character.

There is also a speculation that Eobard Thawne/The Reverse-Flash (Tom Cavanagh) will make an appearance at some point. This villain has been one of the major thorns in Barry Allen's life. He's been defeated a lot of times already, but still managed to find a way to go back and cause chaos.

The Flash season 7 drops its new episodes starting on Tuesday, Feb. 23, on The CW.