Nvidia announced recently its RTX 30 GPUs coming to laptops, which only means one thing. The industry is about to see several newly refreshed gaming laptops with higher resolutions, refresh rate displays and better performance to make the best out of the latest Nvidia RTX 3060, RTX 3070 and RTX 3080 chips.

During the official announcement of the new laptops, Nvidia Senior VP Jeff Fisher mentioned that the RTX 3060 laptop is 30% faster than Sony's recently launched PS5 gaming console. According to Sony, the PS5 load times are 100 times faster than load times of PlayStation 4. Nvidia's claim of a 30% increase is a substantial leap.

Aside from its comparison with the PS5, the RTX 3060 has several attractive features especially for gamers considering getting into the PC market. Users can utilize the laptop as a console with TV screens and other monitors acting as bigger displays. They can also attach external keyboards to the laptop to make work like a normal desktop.

Apart from those, these laptops are designed to optimize the performance of Nvidia's graphics cards. This way, they can provide dynamic framerates on the most demanding games like "Cyberpunk 2077." Nvidia launched its latest RTX 30-series GPUs at the CES 2021, showcasing over 70 laptop models from manufacturers.


This new generation of gaming laptops will be available starting Jan. 26 with a starting price of $999. More than half of these laptops feature 240 Hz displays or higher and are intended for esports players. Nvidia is promoting the capacity of the RTX 30-series in terms of ray-tracing, as well as its promising 2x energy efficiency and 2x faster video rendering.

The Nvidia RTX 3060 is advertized as capable of delivering 90 fps in games at 1080p using the highest quality settings. There are claims that it is much faster than the previous GeForce RTX 2080 Super flagship GPU. meanwhile, the RTX 3070 is for laptops with 1440p screens and is believed capable of pushing 90 fps at Ultra settings. The RTX 3080, on the other hand, is described as capable of achieving 100+ fps and is designed for top of the line gaming laptops.

While Nvidia's claim about the RTX 30-series being much faster than the PS5 is convincing, console players would not trade it for laptops, especially those who are after exclusive PlayStation games. However, Nvidia's latest mobile GPU series is giving Sony a run for its money.