A potential new Manny Pacquiao film has been talked about and the Filipino boxing icon confirmed that he has gotten offers. However, the only thing missing is who will take the lead role in the film.

Oscar-winner Rami Malek was suggested as a possible fit for the role although Pacquiao had not heard of such a plan. It appears that all rumors tied to that have now been shot down with the “Bohemian Rhapsody” star himself confirming that he is not interested, or has been offered the part.

“I can absolutely deny that. That’s fascinating. No, I will definitely not be playing Manny Pacquiao,” Malek said in a report from Rappler.


Malek admitted that he was a bit surprised about it and that it was the first time he had heard of it when he was interviewed. Curiously, he pitched an interesting idea that made a lot of sense.

“For someone of Filipino origin, it would be nice to see that person being played by somebody from that country,” he said.

As of this writing, there remains no clarity on the status of the Pacquiao movie is. Word about it came out in December with no less than that boxer-senator confirming that he has gotten multiple offers to do the film during a TV interview.

The only thing he did confirm is that Leonardo DiCaprio will be part of the plans for at least one pitch. He will take on the role of Freddie Roach, Pacquiao’s long-time trainer.

Pacquiao further added that he was open to having another movie made about him. It would only materialize if the producers and his camp would agree and come to terms.

The eight-time division champion is busy trying to help out fellow Filipinos who are struggling against the coronavirus. He has been doing his part as a politician and has rarely mentioned anything tied to his future boxing fans.

Pacquiao wants to continue fighting in 2021 but nothing has been set. He is considering a return to the ring more than once if the pandemic situation permits. One of those is expected to be against Conor McGregor that may happen somewhere later this year.

An initial fight could happen by the first quarter at the earliest but no names have been dropped. Among the candidates being suggested include Danny Garcia and Errol Spence Jr. So far, nothing has been made official.