After teasing Teemo for a long time, "League of Legends: Wild Rift" will finally launch the Swift Scout at its ongoing Yordle Expedition event. PC players know that Teemo bears a cheerful spirit and endless enthusiasm while scouting the world. To make the best out of this adorable champion, players could use some of Teemo's best build, items, runes, and many others.

Best Teemo Attack Build in "League of Legends: Wild Rift"

For his core item, players can use Liandry's Torment since it deals with a 2% extra damage for every second in combat against enemies. This item deals with 1% empowered attacks and damaging abilities on the enemy's max health as bonus magic and doubles if the enemy is immobilized or slowed down.

Another item that players could use on Teemo is the Awakened Soulstealer that allows Teemo to execute unique takedowns and reduce the ultimate Cooldown by 3%. Players could also use the Void Staff to increase the Swift Scout's magic penetration by 40%. Another useful item to build Teemo is Morellonomicon.

With this item, Magic Damage applies Grievous Wounds to the enemy for three seconds and increases Magic Penetration by 15. Rabadon's Deathcap, on the other hand, boosts Teemo's Ability Power by 40%, while the Teleport Enchant allows the yordle to teleport to an allied champion, structure, or ward after channeling for 3.5 seconds.

Best Teemo Runes And Summoner's Spells

For his runes, players could use Kleptomancy that grant random item effect to Teemo on his next ability hit or basic attack against an enemy. Players could also use the Gathering Storm rune that provides the yordle two bonus Attack Damage or four Ability Power every a couple of minutes. Another useful rune is the Regeneration that provides 2% of missing health or missing mana or whichever is lower every three seconds. Players could also use the Manaflow Band that permanently increases Teemo's maximum mana by 30 up to 300 mana after hitting an enemy with an ability or empowered attack.

For his Summoner's Spells, players could use Ignite that singes the target enemy, and deals between 60 and 410 true damage depending on a level over five seconds. It also inflicts enemies with Grievous Wounds. Players could also use Flash that teleports the yordle in a short distance towards the aimed direction.

Teemo is anticipated to arrive in "League of Legends: Wild Rift" soon. He will be available through the game's ongoing Yordle Expedition event. Players could purchase Teemo probably at around 5,500 Blue Motes or 725 Wild Cores.