GM's ongoing electrification efforts could see the release of a battery-powered crossover that bears the iconic Corvette brand. The plan is not yet in full swing but a rollout is set for 2025 at the earliest. And yes, the Corvette SUV when realized is the automaker's answer to the Ford Mustang Mach-E.

GM rolling out an all-electric Corvette was thought to happen first via the C8 Corvette that debuted last year. The mid-engine sports car proved an instant hit and it's hardly a surprise that an electric version will see the light of the day soon.

Per the report from The Next Web, GM's roadmap for the Corvette electrification is expected to be implemented in stages. It is understood that before the program gets underway, the automaker will first build a hybrid sportscar before focusing on electric vehicles for the general consumers.

The first hybrid racing car could be the Corvette ZR1 Hybrid and this machine should be ready to roar in 2023. If that goal is realized, then GM can turn its attention to the all-electric Corvette models with a fully functional variant geared for commercial release five years from now.

The automaker's blueprint to make Corvette run on electricity is thought to be under the program dubbed as "Project R." The undertaking is expected to produce an electrified powertrain that GM will label as "E-Ray" and it will be the same powerhouse that will be found on the electric version of the C8 Corvette.

GM's decision to electrify the Corvette in SUV form was likely influenced by the growing trend of sportscar and muscle-car brands morphing into crossovers. The best example so far is Porsche's push to the market segment with the Cayenne and Taycan small SUVs, which proved to be a huge commercial success despite the criticisms from purists.

Porsche led the way and Ford followed suit with the Mustang, the badge of which will now be used on the automaker's first electrified SUV - the Mustang Mach-E. So far, the electric crossover has been well received and it seems GM wants a piece of the action by cashing in on a car brand that already commands a huge following, according to Electrek.

The Corvette repackaged as an electric SUV is part of GM's ambition to accelerate its entry to the market segment that Tesla currently dominates. The automaker is banking on its in-house "Ultium" battery platform to power the next-generation EVs to come out of its production lines over the next few years.

GM is targeting to add at least 30 EV models to its electric portfolio by 2025 and possibly, the all-electric Corvette SUV is included with that massive release effort.