BTS is a seven-member group with undeniable talent and charm. On top of that, all of the boys are very good looking. However, there can only be one visual, and that title goes to Jin.

Idols who are given the visual position have the difficult task of maintaining that “perfect” persona. As a result, Jin held back from showing who he truly was because of his title as the visual of BTS.

RM previously shared that he had a hard time connecting with Jin. He recalled that he and Mr. Worldwide Handsome were “very different before, with opposite personalities.”

The BTS leader said that he believes Jin was hiding something, which made it difficult for him to get closer to the “Moon” singer. But RM explained that Jin eventually shared his true self and has “become more natural.” Jin can be seen nodding his head in agreement when the “Persona” rapper said that statement.

RM added that at that point, it became easier for him to understand Jin. That’s when the “Epiphany” singer revealed the real reason why he was quiet at the beginning.

“Due to the concept given to me,” he said.

Even though Jin didn’t say that he was given that concept because he’s the visual of BTS, it is easy to conclude that it was indeed the reason as visuals in K-pop groups are usually the most prim and proper out of the bunch. But Jin is free-spirited and outgoing, so he had to hide that side of him to maintain a serious image.

Luckily, Jin decided to ditch the concept and began showing his real self to his members and ARMYs. “Since ‘FIRE,’ I was able to change and happily started things over. Kim Seokjin evolved into Jin,” he shared.

Now, Jin enjoys being silly and goofy during BTS’s interviews, appearances, and more, not minding the fact that he’s the official visual of the biggest boy group on the planet. Despite his Worldwide Handsome status, Jin is not afraid to look funny in front of the camera.

Jin’s playful ways earned him the title of “Fake Maknae” from fans. His fun personality is one of the main reasons why ARMYs love him. Celebrities who are ridiculously good looking like Jin can be very intimidating, but the BTS star's down to earth attitude makes him reachable and relatable.