Jimin had always been vocal about how much he loves his members. The BTS star noted multiple times that RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, V, and Jungkook make him really happy, so he wants nothing but for the boys to feel that happiness as well.

That said, it is hard for Jimin to see his members cry. While it makes him really sad to see the other boys tear up, the “Filter” singer shared that he couldn’t fight back tears if he sees this one particular member cry.

In an earlier VLive broadcast, Jimin and Jungkook talked about how it was BTS’s dream to perform in the Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul. At the time, the group was about to have their first concert at the said venue.

Since it was a big deal for them to finally reach that dream, Jimin and Jungkook started guessing who among the members would cry. JM then said that if he sees J-Hope cry, then he couldn’t contain himself and cry as well.

“I think I’ll cry if J-Hope cries. Seeing him crying makes me sad,” Jimin shared.

Jungkook agreed and said that he cried when J-Hope cried during his birthday celebration. The “Ego” rapper received a surprise message from his family at the time, and he began crying upon hearing their messages. JK can then be seen wiping his tears after seeing his hyung getting emotional.

Jimin recalled that he was supposed to laugh, but when he saw J-Hope was crying, he also started crying. And because of that, JM hoped that JH won’t cry at the concert, so he won’t cry as well.

“As long as J-Hope doesn’t cry, I can fight back tears,” Jimin concluded.

Many may wonder why out of all the members, Jimin had a hard time seeing J-Hope cry. The 26-year-old rapper, songwriter, dancer, and record producer is called “Sunshine” by ARMYs because of his bright and bubbly personality. He exudes positivity, which makes his members and ARMYs feel better when they are down.

So to see J-Hope, someone whose smile can light up a room, crying, was hard for Jimin to bear. JH also chose his stage name to bring hope to people. So when he’s the one getting emotional, it was something his members have a hard time dealing with.

It is also worth noting that J-Hope and Jimin have been roommates since the beginning of their careers. They are the only remaining members who chose to share the same room until today.