V is one of the most active members on Weverse. The BTS star doesn’t only log in to the social media platform to share some photos but to reply to ARMYs’ posts as well.

One fan recently posted on Weverse, asking some fellow ARMYs to share pictures of their trips to BTS’s concerts. The fan asked if they could post “anything with 70% background and 30% person,” and shared a few snaps as examples. They then added the hashtag “#Help_Me_And_Get_Good_Luck_To_Score_First_Row_At_BTS_Concerts.”

What the fan didn’t know is that they would be getting more than what they have asked for. You see, V stumbled upon this post and decided to grant the ARMY’s wish.

V posted a series of photos of himself, J-Hope, and Jimin, and dedicated them to that one particular fan. “The ARMY who said something about first row at BTS concerts…? Here are your 70% background with 30% person pictures,” he wrote.

To make sure the ARMY would see what he uploaded, V went back to the fan’s post and commented, “I uploaded some.”

As expected, the ARMY was extremely happy that V didn’t only notice their message, but he went above and beyond to grant their request. The fan noted that they used to envy those ARMYs who got a reply from the BTS members on Weverse, and now they have experienced it firsthand.

Meanwhile, V had been amping up his activities on Weverse after Jin got an award for being active on the social media platform. Mr. Worldwide Handsome is a social butterfly, and he can quickly strike up a friendship with strangers when they go abroad.

Jin also proved that his friendliness is not only exclusive when he goes on a trip as he actively communicates with fans through social media as well.

It's no secret that RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook look up to Jin a lot, not only because he's the oldest member of BTS, but his personality is very admirable. So, if Jin gets an award for being active on Weverse, then baby brother V wants that as well.

V had been flooding ARMYs notifications and newsfeed on Weverse for quite a while. He would post photos, updates and even spent hours responding to ARMYs. Fans noticed V’s consistent attendance, and so did Weverse.

On August 11, 2020, V posted a snap of a certificate that he received from Weverse — an award that he worked hard for. He also shared a ceremonial clip of himself wearing a sash as he smiled from ear to ear.